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YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation (hereafter YouChange) is a nationwide charitable organization approved by the State Council and registered at the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC. YouChange’s goal is to promote social justice and harmonious development, also to discover and support “neo-philanthropy” leaders. The mission is to establish social innovation network support platforms for cross-sectoral cooperation. Through R&D, advocacy, experiment, incubation, grantmaking, and cooperation YouChange creates a value chain. We are aimed to establish a more fair, effective and sustainable social eco-system. In 2010 and for the first time, YouChange proposed the 7 trends of neo-philanthropy under the era of new social, economic and technological conditions. It advocates for social innovation cross-sectoral cooperation and a return to the valuing people as the dominant factor. In 2013, YouChange promoted a neo-philanthropy concept into the investment field and became the advocator and pioneer of social value investment. In 2014, YouChange developed a people oriented and multidimensional social value assessment system:  3A investment standard and assessment system. It begun to establish an online platform. At the same year, YouChange along with nearly 50 other organizations initiated the establishment of China Alliance of Social Value Investment (CASVI). In 2016, CASVI was the first nonprofit organization in the social alliance category who officially registered at the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau in China.          

At the end of 2016, YouChange has independently researched, developed and piloted 16 innovative platform projects including: CASVI (Shenzhen), YouChange Volunteer Station, YouChange Eagle Plan, YouChange Evergreen Education Program, YouChange Startup Café, Warm for China -Micro-donation donation platform; funded 252 social organizations; beneficiaries covered the majority of provinces, autonomous regions and municipal cities. YouChange is evaluated and rated 4A standard national charitable organization by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC. Over the years, it has maintained top ranking among various foundations transparency leader board.

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