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China Alliance of Social Value Investment

China Alliance of Social Value Investment – Shenzhen (CASVI) is initiated by 50 prominent institutions led by YouChange Foundation, UNSIF (United Nation Social Impact Fund), China Society of Social Governance, The Investment Association of China – project Investment and Financing Committee, Tsing Capital Investment Group, and Philanthropy and NGO Support Center. It is the first social alliance class based charitable organization in China. CASVI serves as a platform facilitating match-making, deal-making and value-making between social projects and impact investors to eventually resolve 8 compelling social livelihood issues: education, environment, energy, health, medical care, elderly care, public safety and poverty alleviation.      



CASVI’s Operation Model:

Through the released and authenticated Social Value Investment Stand CASVI’s Criteria to lead all the investors and investees, CASVI along with its members and partners, co-created the operation model of “Alliance 2+2+4”. CASVI Covenant and CASVI Criteria as infrastructure, CASVI SE and CASVI SI as core business, CASVI Insights, CASVI Events, CASVI Solution and CASVI ELITES as supporting activities.


Fundamental Structure:

CASVI Covenant establishing well-defined mutual understanding, fair membership and transparent operating regulation.

CASVI Criteria developing social value evaluation system in quantitative approach.

Core Business:

CASVI SE pooling SE (Social Enterprises) which effectively resolves compelling social issues with a sustainable business model.

CASVI SI channeling SI (Social Impact Investment) in various forms to finance SEs.

Supporting Activities

CASVI Insights building research and media centers that focus on social value promotion.

CASVI Events running events such as roadshows, contests and training camps to match-make SE and SI as well as improve SEs core competence.

CASVI Solution developing consultative solution in collaboration with market forces, government and civil society towards jointly addressing grave social challenges.

Launching Ceremony:

CASVI has officially launched its opening ceremony at the 5th China Charity Fair on the 24th of September 2016. Mr. Wang Jiexiu, Director of Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC – Policy Research Center, Mr. Wang hushan, Deputy Secretary General Shenzhen Municipal Government, Mr. Lin Chong, director of Shenzhen Folk Organization Management Bureau, Madam Wang Ping, Founder and Chairperson of YouChange Foundation. Mr. Wang Ming, Dean of Philanthropy and NGO Support Center, Mr. Liu Jianxiong, Vice President of The Investment Association of China – project Investment and Financing Committee, Mr. Wayne Silby, co-founder of Calvert Foundation, Mr. David Galipeau, Global Chief of UNSIF (United Nation of Social Impact Fund), Mr. Michael Norton, famous British Social Innovator and entrepreneur, Mr. Liu Jiren, Chairman of Chifu Investment Group, Ms. Liu Menglin, Congresswoman of Singapore, also attendees from government, academic and Business sectors have participated the opening ceremony of CASVI. 


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