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The “Poverty Relief Volunteer Action Plan” is approved by The State CouncilLeading Group Office of Poverty Alleviation and Development. It is the actionplan to mobilize, finance and organize YouChange volunteers to directly participate in all kinds of poverty alleviation works in impoverished regions. This program aims to organize people who live in urban cities and have the ability and willingness to serve as dedicated volunteers at impoverished regions. It is necessary to create conditions and opportunities for the poor locals, to improve their ability to survive and develop. On the other hand, it should establish a communication platform for all kinds of poverty alleviation projects implemented by the government and nonprofit organizations to provide service and assistance. The action plan has been written into the “China Rural Poverty Alleviation and Development Program (2011-2020)”, it has become an important part of social poverty alleviation works.

The Poverty Relief Volunteer Action Plan relies on YouChange Volunteer Stations to carry out all kinds of poverty alleviation works.

YouChange Volunteer Station is a social resources coordination platform mainly built in poverty-stricken locations of urban and rural areas. The volunteer service station is managed and operated by professional volunteers dispatched from YouChange volunteer support center. It is the base for discovering and supporting “neo-philanthropy” leaders and also the incubator for social entrepreneurs.

YouChange Volunteer Station’s core function is to mobilize and organize all kinds of forces for volunteer service provide services for impoverished urban and rural communities including; HR, channel development for charity logistics and to construct information sharing platform through local cross- sectoral cooperation.

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