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Give an Education Without Boundaries

Greenwich is a modern university with a proud history spanning 130 years. We pioneered educational reform to improve the lives of local people. Today, our ambition remains to remove barriers to education on a local, national and global scale.

You can be there for our students and graduates when they need it most.

When alumni and friends come together to support Greenwich, they change lives. Your donation will help to remove some of the financial barriers our students face as they invest in their future.

Students encounter many challenges in the 21st Century, including increased living costs and the ongoing impact of Covid-19.

Many of our students juggle study with part-time work and family commitments that can make it harder for them to experience university life to the fullest. With limited resources, any unexpected cost can land students in genuine financial hardship leaving them less money and time to dedicate to their study and extracurricular activities that are vital to their experience.

When students experience education without boundaries there are no limits on what they can do next. We know because Greenwich is in the top five in the UK for social mobility and ranks 11th globally for reducing inequalities.

We support our students financially, but we cannot do it alone – every contribution from our alumni community counts. This is where your time and generosity can make a big difference:

  • £25 could provide a student the cost of travel for one week
  • £50 could provide a student with emergency funding for groceries
  • £100 could give a student access to sports or extracurricular activities for a term, paying for sports equipment or a Students’ Union societies membership
  • £200 could fund projects that make an impact on the wider the community
  • £500 could support a student who is a parent with childcare costs ensuring they can continue to study
  • £1,000 could fund an internship ensuring students get ahead in the job market by learning new skills and making sector contacts – and you’ll be recognised as a Greenwich Patron

Choose how your gift will make a difference below.

Crowdfunding: Join your fellow alumni and support projects that speak to you

Crowdfunding seeks donations from a wide community of supporters who care about the projects and offers Greenwich alumni and friends an engaging and community-spirited experience.

It enables education without boundaries by offering a new innovative way for our students to finance projects that bring their university experience to life – and gives them an excellent way to develop entrepreneurial and employable skills, from marketing and fundraising to project management and professional networking.

Through crowdfunding, you will have an opportunity to make a direct impact on students and staff who are seeking funding and donate to the projects you care about.

Explore the campaigns currently open for donations.

Greenwich Student Fund: Help students in financial hardship

The number of Greenwich students who need financial support is rising, especially as they are being hit by the cost-of-living crisis. There has been an increase cost of food, energy, travel, and accommodation – which has become one of the most pressing issues our students are facing on campus today.

At Greenwich, we want to support our students to achieve their ambitions. We know that financial challenges, such as how to support themselves financially or pay their fees, is one of the pressures that impacts on their studies. This makes it difficult for students to learn in the classroom as well as make full use of the connections they make and the activities they take part in – all of this has positive outcomes on students.

In collaboration with the Greenwich Students’ Union, the Greenwich Student Fund provides vital help to students who, through no fault of their own, are experiencing hardship.

  • £50 could provide a student with emergency funding for groceries.
  • £250 could provide a student with breakfast on campus for a term.
  • £500 could support a student who is a parent with childcare costs so they can continue to study.
  • £1,000 could fund an internship so a student can get ahead in the job market by learning new skills and making sector contacts – and you’ll be recognised as a Greenwich Patron.

Whatever the amount – your gift will help Greenwich students in financial hardship to succeed in their studies and make full use of the Greenwich experience.

Donate to our Student Fund.

Sanctuary Scholarship: Provide a transformative opportunity to an individual seeking asylum

Refugee students have often been displaced from their homeland due to war or other dangerous events out of their control.

Through the Sanctuary Scholarship, Greenwich is making the university a more accessible institution to forced migrants and sends a clear message: Greenwich is a global university, and we welcome everyone.

Through collaboration, the University provides a truly transformative opportunity covering tuition and accommodation costs, plus a maintenance grant for those seeking asylum or with existing refugee status in the United Kingdom.

We are proud of our international community of students, staff and alumni. We rely on the global perspectives our diverse community brings, and we do not wish to exclude anyone from Greenwich.

We currently offer two Sanctuary Scholarships to support undergraduate or postgraduate applicants. With your help, we could offer more support for students who have already gone through too much.

Donate now.

Scholarships and Prizes: Give a life-changing opportunity to study at Greenwich

Choosing to go to university can be a daunting decision. And we know that it is difficult to make important life decisions when you feel restricted by financial worries – a scholarship can make this decision easier and change the course of a student’s life.

Students must consider how they will pay for their accommodation and living costs. They may also be the first in their family to go to university and not feel confident that they are making the right choice.

Through one of our established scholarships or numerous prizes and awards, Greenwich is able to provide our students with peace of mind. This type of gift can be transformational and nurture future talent.

When bright, capable people miss out on university and other life-changing opportunities, there is a much higher cost to society – which is why we need your help. Your donation helps outstanding students access education and recognises their achievements along the way regardless of financial constraints.

Donate to our Scholarships and Prizes.

If you would like to establish a new scholarship or extend one of our existing scholarships to additional students, please contact Mary Davies, Head of Alumni and Development.

Innocence Project London: Help us to maintain a vital service for the criminal justice system and the next generation of law professionals

Based at Greenwich, Innocence Project London (IPL) works to raise awareness of wrongful convictions and improve the criminal justice system.

Practising lawyers work pro bono alongside law and criminology students – a service that would otherwise be billed for approximately £52,897. They work in groups to review and investigate cases of convicted individuals who have maintained their innocence but have exhausted the criminal appeals process.

The cost of supporting existing clients and reaching new ones mounts up, including the hidden costs – train tickets to visit clients in prison or paying for transporting case files. We hope to raise enough money to provide additional capacity to a project that relies on people giving their time so that innocent people might get their freedom back.

Donate now.

Become a Greenwich Patron

Patrons of the University of Greenwich are central to our work and driving our vision forward: to provide education without boundaries. You collectively make a significant impact on our students – their experience and success – and the wider Greenwich community.

When you donate £1,000, you join one of our most engaged group of supporters who share our values: inclusive, collaborative and impactful. You are not just a supporter of Greenwich, but a member of our global community.

You’ll be invited to an exclusive VIP event as well as our yearly supporter reception, enjoy special access to events hosted by senior academics and leadership at Greenwich, and be invited to get to know our people and research, including a special invitation our degree show.

Patrons also receive a welcome pack, have access to benefits available to our alumni, and have a chance to engage and hear from our diverse community of alumni.

Your generosity as a Patron will make sure that Greenwich students will realise their ambitions because of, rather than despite of, their background.

Make a £1,000 donation to any of our causes and become a Greenwich Patron.

  • During these hard times my heart goes out to those who struggle with the costs of University - some really need that extra help. Education to my wife and I is so important and we want to support where we can.

    - Eric Watts, BSc Chemistry